Simplified & Automated IT Network For Small & Medium Businesses.

Network Security & Management is complex. 1000+ Small & Medium Businesses trust BhaiFi to simplify their IT Networks.

The Simplest All-In-One
Network Security & Management Platform.


Be safe from the latest Cyber Attacks like Ransomware, Malware, DDOS & more.


Manage from anywhere anytime reducing operational costs & increasing team efficiency.


Identify issues before they happen to avoid revenue & productivity loss.


Take smart decisions by understanding complex network patterns & user behavior.

Why Do You Need BhaiFi?

Your Business. Your Responsibility.

Stay Cyber-Safe.

Keeps your Business safe from internal & external Cyber Attacks like Ransomware, Malware, DDOS & more.

Your Business. Your Profits.

Avoid Losses.

Proactive monitoring & alerts reduce downtime, avoids revenue, productivity & reputation loss.

Your Business. Your Time.

Save Cost & Time.

Plug-N-Play with Pay-Per-User model drastically reduces the onboarding cost & time.

Your Business. Your Processes.

100% Compliant.

Legal-compliance & Forensic logging keeps your Business compliant & ready for audit.

Your Business. Your Team.

Increased Efficiency.

Anyone in your team can manage the network without being technical in a few clicks.

Your Business. Your Safety.

Instant Disaster Recovery.

All critical & complicated decisions are taken automatically in real-time.

Our Platform At A Glance.

BhaiFi Time Machine.

Network Visibility & Planning Platform.

Custom-Built Solutions.

Coworking Space

Secured & seamless WiFi experience is the backbone of a successful co-working space & we ensure we deliver that to your co-workers, reducing your operational expenses & boosting your revenue.


One Cyberattack may cause revenue, reputation & productivity loss. We ensure none of that happens without many operational efforts, further reducing your expenses.


Provides seamless experience to guests keeping your legal-compliance in place, prioritizing privacy, running operations efficiently, further boosting your business.

Café & Restaurant

Delivering a matchless WiFi experience to your customers & a marketing platform further boosting your revenue, all this keeping your legal-compliance in place.

Co-living Space

Offering all the expertise needed to run a secure & fast Internet experience while meeting all the budgets at scale.


From driving the footfalls to targeting customers in real-time, ensuring seamless WiFi delivers a better ROI.

Free 1-Year Subscription. 🎉

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Free Subscription

Get full access to all of premium features if you are a Micro Business or a 1-year old startup with a single location to manage.

Trusted By Businesses With 15 To 1500 Users.


Network firewall is device used to stop or mitigate unauthorized access to private networks connected to the Internet. The only traffic allowed on the network is defined via firewall policies – any other traffic attempting to access the network is blocked.

We follow DOT guidelines & hence BhaiFi is DOT compliant. This helps to save you incase some cyberattack is done from your network.

NO! BhaiFi is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP) like Airtel, Jio or TAT but an Internet Security & Management solution provider. Once you have an up & running Internet Connection, BhaiFi's magic begins.

Absolutely, BhaiFi works as it is on both WiFi & LAN.

BhaiFi is agnostic of ISP or your Infrastructure. It works well with anything & everything provided they are capable of handling the network load you have planned it for.

Post payment, BhaiFi get deployed within 2-3 business days.

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